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A Letter From Our Founder

Our Story:

Initially, Just Gettin' Started was a reactionary response I gave to Nia, a mentee who was going through a rough patch. Like many Black, first-generation college students, she was overwhelmed, stressed about her future, and second-guessing her every move. She felt the weight of naysayers, constantly telling her she wasn't enough. And like many, eventually, she started to believe it. 

My response was simple,

"You're just getting started, Nia. Take some time to look at all you've accomplished despite the cards being stacked against you -- that alone is worth celebrating."

From there, Just Gettin' Started was born. ​

Just Gettin' Started was created to give Black youth like Nia everything they need to succeed in a world that simply wasn't built for them. Through our skills-based programming, mentorships, and job placements, we're building spaces and opportunities to uplift and empower Black youth so they can build better futures for themselves.

Our programming is steeped in social and emotional learning with the belief that mental health is the foundation of academic, professional, and personal success. Just Gettin' Started is 100% Black-led and Black-focused, meaning our programming, approach, and model are all curated with the Black experience in mind  - ensuring our students see themselves represented and receive lessons connected to their racial identity. 

I hope you'll join me on this journey of empowering the next generation of Black youth.

~ Anyea Taylor

Founder of Just Gettin' Started

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